2022 construction has wrapped up! Trail work started at the north end of Newaygo State Park, and we worked our way through segments 3, and 4, connecting to Brower Park.  We then moved across the pond and built a little over a mile of trail north of Big Bend Park.  


Segments 3-6 and 8-11 are fully complete. If you are headed to segments 8-11,  parking is available at the Hardy Dam County Marina trailhead (park in one of the two south lots across from the Marina), Big Bend Park, or Sandy Beach County Park.  If you are headed segments 2-6 you can park at, Newaygo State Park, Brower Park, or Davis Bridge Park.  Please make sure you have the appropriate vehicle permit; see the trail map for those details.


The trail is open year-round, and trailheads are open for parking. You can use the appropriate annual vehicle pass or utilize the daily payment systems at each trailhead.


The trail is bordered by several private properties and roadways; please stay on the trail at all times