Frequently Asked Questions

The name was selected in 2015, when it was noted that the shape of the Hardy Pond Reservoir closely resembles that of a Chinese Dragon.

Trailheads are at our public parks as shown on the map. Vehicle passes may be required for motor vehicle entry; each park system has its own passes and fee structures.


Hardy Dam County Marina, 6619 E. 36th St., White Cloud, MI 49349

Sandy Beach County Park, 6926 E 30th St., White Cloud, MI 49349

Big Bend Township Park, 2000 S. Beech Ave., White Cloud, MI 49349

Davis Bridge Park, 22170 8 Mile Rd., Stanwood, MI 49346

Brower Park, 23056 Polk Rd., Stanwood, MI 49346

Newaygo State Park, 2793 S. Beech Ave., Newaygo, MI 49337

Both Newaygo and Mecosta counties contributed seed money to fund development of the Dragon. Several grants have also been received to assist in development and construction. The bulk of construction funding comes from grants, private, corporate, and foundation giving. Ongoing maintenance of the trail will be funded from a variety of sources, including special event fees, donations, and the Counties’ Parks Departments’ budgets.

No. The Dragon is a non-motorized trail designed to optimize the performance for mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. The trail will be a maximum of 48″ wide and the main tread where most riding and hiking activity occurs will be 18″ to 24″ wide. Entrance limiters such as bollards and boulders will be used to reduce interactions between users and prevent unauthorized motor vehicle users. Equestrian use is also prohibited.

The Dragon route is planned around the perimeter and entrances to parks, or, with previous permission, the trail may pass through the parks’ roads where trail users can reserve a campsite or use the park and restroom facilities. If you choose to enter a park in a motor vehicle, you will be required to obtain a vehicle pass, depending on which park system you are visiting.

Dragon visitors who desire to camp will need to make reservations at one of the current campgrounds around the trail. Dispersed camping along the trail is not permitted.

There is no fee to use the trail. The only fee you may pay is if you choose to park a vehicle at a park that charges for Motor Vehicle Permit fees. If you walk or bike to the trail there is no charge to use it. There is no single Dragon vehicle pass, each park system around the pond has its own passes and fees so it is up to the trail user where they want to park.

WMMBA Trail Adopters will conduct inspections of the trail. The WMMBA provides a page where all trail users can post conditions and any issues that need urgent attention on the trail. The trail coordinator and adopters then take corrective actions.

The Dragon falls under the jurisdiction of the Newaygo and Mecosta County Park Ordinances, whose provisions are enforceable by the corresponding Sheriff’s Department. Please contact the County Park Departments first if you are having any issues on the trail.

Experience has shown that generally, bikers and hikers are not litterers. In fact, they are most often thoughtful stewards of the land and trail resources. They clean up, rather than leave behind, and operate on the pack-it-in/pack-it-out philosophy.

Consumers Energy property near Hardy Pond is open to the public for hunting, and it will continue to be available for hunting. Hunters are required to follow federal, state, and county regulations and utilize safe hunting practices. Trail users are advised to be aware of their surroundings, especially during peak hunting season.

Yes, after construction is completed. Currently while the trail is under construction, we are not allowing events to be hosted. In the future we will post information on the website on how to apply to host an event on Michigan’s Dragon at Hardy Dam.

No.  The use of all variants of e-bikes on the Dragon Trail is prohibited.