Trail Segments Now Open!

Partially Open: Segment 4 starts at the Four Mile Road Trailhead in Newaygo County and continues approximately 5 miles to Polk Road in Stanwood, Mecosta County. The Brower Loop portion of the trail has been completed!

Partially Open: Segment 9 runs approximately 7.4 miles and starts from 16th Street in White Cloud, ending at 30th Street. Close to 5 miles have been completed. Park at Sandy Beach County Park and head northeast, turning back around where the build currently ends. Please stay on the trail to avoid private property and roadways.

Fully Open: Segment 10 is an approximately 1.7 mile long stretch. Park at Sandy Beach County Park and head southwest to Hardy Dam County Marina or northeast to the start of segment 9.

Trail Segments Under Construction and Opening Soon!

Segment 2 of the trail is approximately two miles long and runs from Cottonwood Avenue to Newaygo State Park. A portion of Segment 2 has already been installed!

Segment 8 runs from Big Bend Park to 16th Street in Big Prairie Township, approximately 1.8 miles.

Trail Segments Under Construction in Future Phases

Segment 1 of Michigan’s Dragon at Hardy Dam is approximately 2.3 miles and runs on the east side of the reservoir near the Hardy Dam  to Cottonwood Ave in Newaygo.

Segment 3 is an approximately 6-mile long trail starting at Newaygo State Park and continuing to Newcosta Avenue in Morley.

Segment 5 is approximately 6 miles long and runs on the east side of the reservoir starting on Polk Road in Stanwood  and ending at 8 Mile Road.

Segment 6 connects the east side of the trail system to the west side, running approximately a mile on the paved shoulder of M-20 and Elder Drive.

Segment 7 is the longest of the trail. Covering approximately 11.8 miles, it runs on the west side of the reservoir from Elder Road in Mecosta Township to Big Bend Park in Big Prairie Township.

Segment 11 is the shortest stretch of the Dragon Trail, running approximately 7/10 of a mile connecting the west side of the trail system to the east. It runs on the paved roadway shoulder of 36th Street near the Hardy Dam in Big Prairie Township.